SkillStat Book Rental Policy

SkillStat Book Rental Policy

  Updated September 25, 2018

1.      You, the student, understand the rental book(s) is property of the SkillStat Learning Inc. You acknowledge that you are renting the book(s) according to terms and conditions of the SkillStat Book Rental Policy. You have paid the non‐refundable rental fee.

2.      You acknowledge that the book, whether new or used, is in good condition.

3.      For all purposes associated with this Rental Policy, the book is defined as the book itself and any other accoutrement or thing (for example, a compact disk or DVD) associated with the book at the time it is rented. If such accoutrements are not returned with the book, the book shall be deemed lost or stolen and you shall be indebted to SkillStat Learning Inc. as described below.

4.      You will return the book to SkillStat Learning Inc. no later than the end of the class that you are registered for. An extension may be granted should you choose to register for the same class again within the 2-month extension period offered by SkillStat Learning Inc. through The SkillStat Guarantee*.

5.      You will return the book in good re-usable condition as determined by SkillStat Learning Incl. All CDs and other component parts included with this book, must be present and in re-usable condition as determined by SkillStat Learning Inc. upon return. Very limited highlighting and writing are acceptable.

6.      You are responsible for risk of loss from any cause, including theft, lost item(s), or return in unsalable condition, such as damage caused by liquids (rain, snow, coffee, juice, etc.), fire (scorched), chemical spills, tooth marks (rodents, pets, etc.), missing component parts, and spine damage.

7.      If you are late or if you fail to return the book in good condition, you will pay SkillStat Learning Inc. the cost of a brand-new book replacement book(s) and any applicable sales taxes.

8.      You acknowledge that if you do not pay the replacement cost in full, then you will not receive credit for the course taken and will not be rostered by SkillStat Learning Inc. with any certifying body(s) associated with the course.

9.      *The SkillStat Guarantee: If you leave any of our courses feeling like you want to reinforce your knowledge further, for any reason, we welcome to you repeat the same course for free within 2 months of your original course completion date!

Best regards,


Tracy Barill

Founder and CEO

SkillStat Learning Inc.

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